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Why invest in a PR Consultant?

by | May 2, 2019 | News | 0 comments

I’ve been working in the PR industry within large-scale organisations for over 25 years and now enjoy running my own successful PR Consultancy here in the Midlands.

I work with a range of hard-working clients across various sectors including arts, education, festivals, theatre, mental health, SME’s, literary and more.

The businesses I work with have benefitted greatly from my services but, over the years, I’ve come across small businesses who do not understand PR or are simply not ready.  So why invest in a PR Consultant?

What is PR?

Public Relations is about telling your story to your customers or audiences reached through earned targeted media including radio, magazines, television, online communications, and networking to name a few.

Presenting a balanced story of your organisation, whilst protecting your brand, is vital to maintaining success in a highly competitive world.

Are you ready to tell your story?

There will be a time when your organisation may need to increase revenue, seek growth, and attract investment. It could be that you want to enhance your public profile, launch a new product, announce a new member of staff, or, simply talk about your achievements whether it be sustainability, awards or contribution to the local community.   If you’ve mentally ticked most of these then you are ready to work with a PR Consultant.

Be Patient

Why would customers buy your services/product if they have never heard of you? Don’t expect product sales to increase straightaway. A good PR Consultant will work closely with you to pull together all the good positive stories about your business.  They will target the right journalist to get these stories into the right publication or broadcast platform.  A feature will enhance your business name, reach out to the right audience, gain respect and credibility from your community and put you ahead of your competitors.  This does take time to build but will pay off in the long run.

Follow up

Now that your business name has made it into the media and journalists are aware of your brand a PR Consultant will now be able to look at creative and innovative ways of launching your latest product/service to the media to increase revenue.  More importantly, they will create a long-term tailored media strategy for your business that will enable them to secure content in the media on a regular basis.

What now?

There’s nothing to stop you from doing your own PR but it will take longer and, if you are running a business, you won’t have the time to build relationships with journalists.  A good PR Consultant will have a wealth of experience, know what stories will gain coverage and will already have an extensive list of media they can approach straightaway.  A good PR Consultant will also have respect from the journalists they deal with and this will help your business profile in the media.

If you are looking to enlist the skills of a PR Consultant and would like to find out more then why not drop me an email mandyrose@msevenpublicrelations.co.uk   I look forward to hearing from you.

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