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In the Spotlight: ‘Running a business can be very isolating and daunting!’ says Business Coach Jackie Cummins

by | Feb 10, 2021 | News | 0 comments

In the Spotlight this month is multi-award-winning Business Coach Jackie Cummins, Founder of J21 Coaching based in Sutton Coldfield.  

Jackie is the ‘go to’ business coach for M7 PR who were delighted to have recently help raise J21 Coaching’s profile in the media.

Here Jackie talks about her career and offers some very sound advice for businesses who maybe struggling at the moment.

What is a Business Coach?

A Business Coach can support all sizes of businesses, to equip them to become more successful and profitable, with an increased reputation through goal setting, strategies and action planning; so as to propel them towards new heights and enjoy greater success and results!

You’ve had a varied career so what made you decide to be a Business Coach?

I met a Business Coach many years ago and was intrigued by the concept of supporting businesses for growth. My Father was also a successful businessman which taught me many things from an early age.

Did you have to retrain?

Yes, I did have to retrain. I was recommended to train with Noble Manhattan; this was a super coaching academy that taught me so much. It took me around 18 months to become fully qualified.

Why is it important to hire a Business Coach?

Running a business can be very isolating and daunting! sometimes we can lose our motivation and drive; a business coach is a weekly sounding board that you can trust implicitly to offer expertise with the best advice and guidance possible. They will never judge you but will present you with options and solutions.

How has lockdown affected your services?

During the first full lockdown, many of my clients paused their coaching for a few months. Others continued, but there weren’t any new enquiries. Fortunately, there was a significant increase in new client enquires and those taking up new coaching programmes, just as soon as the first full lockdown was lifted.

The pandemic has hit some sectors hard, what advice would you give to those who are struggling right now?

The advice that I have been giving, includes diversifying a usual business model that is struggling where possible, by producing additional products and services that you know consumers are currently interested in.

Away from coaching what are your hobbies and how do you relax?

I enjoy downtime with my family & friends creating experiences, reading, sitting as a board member on committees, fine dining & worldwide travel.

What are you looking forward to when businesses start to get back to some kind of normal?

I am really looking forward to socialising; by eating out, coffee catch-ups, seeing friends and family, shopping and visiting my hairdresser. Supporting independent businesses and the local high street is essential for me.

What advice would you give yourself?

Continue to love what I do; ensure that I lead a full and balanced life. Don’t take life too seriously. Continue to grow J21 Coaching and reach many more professionals. Live life to the full!








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