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1000’s of dancers’ benefit from free mental wellbeing workshops and one to one sessions during pandemic

by | Apr 15, 2021 | News | 0 comments

The UK dance profession is respected not only in the UK but across the world.  It provides employment for thousands of talented dancers and choreographers and improves the lives of many communities, not only through performance but through community and outreach work.

“Over the course of six weeks I went from feeling down and hopeless to finding a greater and empowered sense of self.” Participant

During this unprecedented time, large groups of dancers have been out of work with no access to rehearsal space.  This has affected their physical performance, mental health, and prospects to continue their dance career.

Since the first major Lockdown was announced in March 2020 Surrey born Psychotherapist Terry Hyde, a retired dancer from The Royal Ballet company, has volunteered his services free of charge to help dancers through what is a challenging time for the performing arts industry.

“The guidance, support and coping strategies Terry has given me have honestly been life changing.” Participant

Terry said “As the weeks passed it became apparent that the first lockdown was going to be a long haul which meant dancers were put in a position of uncertainty and unable to plan for the future.  To be able to continue my services online for free has been a lifeline for many and I have been overwhelmed with the number of dancers coming to me for advice and support.”

Terry has not only offered free one to one wellbeing sessions but has been busy on social media participating in free live talks offering wellbeing tips and holistic advice that has reached 1,000’s of dancers globally.

Terry continued: “It has been very humbling to help so many dancers through this difficult time and the feedback has been really positive.   As we head towards International Dance Day it seems fitting to celebrate the dancers that have kept themselves going through this awful time.”

With government restrictions on self-distancing affecting theatre reopening’s and many tours still unable to continue the pandemic will affect many dancers getting back into work for months to come.

With Terry’s dedication through volunteering his professional skills, counselling, workshops, and webinars during this time his contribution to the industry will help to preserve one of the UK’s most respected art forms enjoyed by thousands of people in the UK and Internationally.



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